Call for Tenders: Review of security management system including digital security – Kristna Fredsrörelsen

Call for Tenders: Review of security management system including digital security

Datum: september 1, 2021 | Kategori: Lediga jobb

The Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation, SweFOR, is seeking to engage consultant services to conduct a review of its security and protection system including digital security.


SweFOR is an ecumenical Swedish non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 1919 with head office in Stockholm. We work for the promotion of human rights and non-violent resolution of conflicts by raising awareness in Sweden and strengthening human rights defenders, civil society movements and organizations in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, South Sudan and Maghreb region. Our work is mainly funded by public grants through the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and The Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA), but also by different foundations, ecclesiastical collections and donations from members.

Security and risk analysis is essential in our work both within the organization and towards partners. We part from the following definition of risk:

                                           Risk =


Our aim in all security related work is to reduce threats and vulnerabilities and to strengthen the organizational capacity. SweFOR has limited material resources and relies heavily on the knowledge and key expertise of its staff and our methodological toolbox. This means that our focus working with security is on strengthening capacities, deepening knowledge and analysis, rather than providing physical protection and resources.


It is also about taking a proactive role in assuring prevention of risks in our own environment as well as in the contexts where our partners work. All staff is expected to follow security policies and act in a way that will not expose oneself, colleagues or partners to risk.


Policies and guidelines reflect the organizational structure differentiating domestic and international operations as well as local staff from expatriated staff. They line out responsibilities, actions to be taken in given situations, general preventive measures, security rules and consequences in case of violation of rules and provide tools and templates for analysis etc.


This assignment aims at assessing the adequacy and coherence of SweFOR’s security management system, its organizational performance in and integration of security and protection matters in its work. It should consider both preventive and reactive measures, including political response mechanisms, and the practice of it as well as the written systems as such.


The scope of the assignment is limited to the working areas in which security and protection issues are most predominant, i.e.:

  • Head office response vis-à-vis:
    • staff at country offices
    • staff located at the head office on field visits
  • Country offices vis-à-vis its staff
  • Organizational digital security

Brief description of the relevant working areas

  • International Accompaniment program in Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico. The objective is to protect threatened Human Rights Defenders through the method of international accompaniment and to amplify their space of action by providing physical and political accompaniment, strategic communication and capacity building in non-violent self-protection. The work is carried out by international peace observers from our field offices located in the abovementioned countries. Security and protection issues are key in all operations, both on a programmatic and operational level, and present at all times. Digital security concerns underpin both internal and external communication through the use of diverse tools at each office.
  • Strengthening of allied organizations in South Sudan, the Maghreb region and, to some extent, Colombia. The work focuses on peace and human rights through economic and thematic support to partners as well as enabling exchanges of experiences and safe spaces for dialogue among civil society organizations and peace actors in a wid range of areas. It is carried out from the office in Sweden and entails regular field visits for follow-up and exchanges. Security and protection issues are present as an element for risk analysis, as a possible topic for trainings, and prior to and during field visits. There has been an increased focus on digital security as a result of the pandemic and the need to carry out workshops and follow-up on line.
  • Trainings in nonviolent methods, campaign and policy work to strengthen engagement and mobilization in Sweden in our subject areas. From Sweden we also carry out advocacy and communication mainly towards Swedish and European stakeholders in order to influence decision makers in areas like arms trade and nuclear disarmament, as well as to take action for the human rights defenders we accompany in our International accompaniment program. Security and protection issues are present on a system level as all protocols and plans are formally adopted at the head office and fall within the Secretary General’s responsibility. Should a severe security incident occur, the implementation of the crisis management plan is coordinated from Sweden. The head office ensures the systematic organizational learning in security and protection as well as the coherence and update of its security management system including digital security.

Assignment and deliverables

The consultant is expected to identify possible weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement addressing the topics listed below.

  • On-the-job experience considering existing and sharing of in-house knowledge and expertise
  • Training with a special view on the high turnover and how we manage to train new staff at all offices as well as of the training of country representatives
  • Awareness of and attitude towards security on an organizational level considering ownership of security rules, compliance and shared standards
  • Security and protection matters as part of the planning process and work plans
  • Assignment of responsibilities considering resources, needs and areas of responsibility with a special view on emergency situations
  • Mechanisms and routines for analyzing and reacting to security incidents
  • Routines for evaluating security and adaptation of security and protection management

The evaluator will deliver:

  • A plan and schedule for how the evaluation will be conducted, including individuals to interview, key questions, and a timeline for the evaluation process.
  • A draft report to be shared and discussed with SweFOR staff prior to completing the final report.
  • A final evaluation report, including recommendations to inform and improve future work.

All deliverables of the evaluation should be presented in English.


It is envisioned that the evaluation will be based on both a document review of the key security management documents and a number of interviews with a representative selection of staff from country offices and office in Sweden. It should be based on area of work, roles and responsibilities, individual as well as in the form of focus groups, and also include members of the board. The evaluation is expected to have a learning approach and place high emphasis on listening to the experience of staff and translate these experiences to learning points for SweFOR.

Consultant Qualifications

The successful candidate must have:

  • Multiple years of experience of conducting similar evaluation assignments.
  • Proven experience of working in the field of security management for human rights NGOs, civil society organizations or on a community level
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communications skills
  • Specific experience of evaluating commercial operative systems and communication platforms with a critical approach to digital security
  • High proficiency in English and Spanish
  • Experience of conducting evaluations or other similar processes digitally

It is desirable that the candidate also has

  • Experience from working in high risk areas, preferably in Latin America and/or Maghreb and/or South Sudan
  • Proficiency in Swedish
  • Familiarity with the method of international accompaniment
  • Experience with HEAT-trainings

The selection of the successful candidate will be based on the criteria above, the quality of the candidate’s description of their approach to the assignment and the proposed budget.

In addition, to be eligible for this contract, the candidate must be able to produce a business registration. For entities based in Sweden, this is referred to as “F-skattsedel”. For entities based elsewhere, a relevant registration or certificate that clearly demonstrates that all relevant taxes and social fees are paid in full in the country where the business is registered is needed.

Furthermore, a candidate is not allowed to take part in this tender process if they are insolvent, subject to liquidation, in bankruptcy, or has not fulfilled its financial obligations regarding taxes and social security contributions in their country of registration. A candidate is not permitted to participate in this tender process if they have been convicted of a crime related to the exercise of their profession or to corruption. A contract also cannot be awarded if information that puts the impartiality of the candidate into question is discovered during the tender process.

Time frame and budget

It is envisioned that the completion of the evaluations will take approximately 20 days. This will include document review, interviews, analysis and write-up of findings and recommendations. The evaluation should take place in October 2021.

Remuneration will be discussed and decided with the evaluator. Any expenses associated with undertaking the evaluation will be covered by SweFOR. No travel costs are foreseen.

How to apply

Interested candidates should send a technical and financial proposal in Spanish or English to Teresia Carlgren, Coordinator of International Programs, at no later than October 3, 2021.

The proposal should contain a resume indicating the candidate’s relevant experience and a brief description of why the candidate is the most suitable, two contacts for references, a description of the candidates approach to the assignment, including expected number of working days, consultancy fee, and reimbursable costs. If the tender is presented by a consultancy team, the structure of the team, including roles and responsibilities should be defined in the tender.

Deadline for submitting proposals is October 3, 2021.

Relevant candidates will be contacted as soon as possible.