SweFOR has sent volunteers to Colombia since 2004. The purpose is to provide accompaniment and protection to ethnic-based territorial organizations and human rights organisations that carry out activities in different regions within the country.

SweFOR’s offices are located in Bogotá and Quibdó, and our activities are funded by the Swedish Embassy in Colombia.

International accompaniment

Physical accompaniment

The method of physical accompaniment seeks to raise the profile and expand the range of action of the accompanied organizations. These organizations often receive threats aimed at their work and personal lives, as a consequence of their human rights activism. Furthermore, physical accompaniment intends to make the international presence public and visible.

SweFOR informs the authorities as well as relevant civil and military bodies about its accompanying activities, with the intention of making its presence known and prevent potential human rights violations.

Political accompaniment and information

SweFOR seeks to raise awareness of human rights defenders’ situation in Colombia. This is done through a continuous dialogue with local, regional and national authorities, along with the Colombian civil society, international organizations and the accredited diplomatic corps.

SweFOR wishes to raise awareness about the human rights situation in Colombia and the work carried out by SweFOR and its accompanied organizations. We raise awareness through work at the national and international level, alongside our participation in different networks made up of international organizations working in Colombia and in Sweden.

Training in self-protection

SweFOR offers support to strengthen the accompanied organizations’ abilities to protect themselves. Through participatory workshops, every organization analyses their situation and develops the most appropriate protective measures according to their unique perspective and needs.

Urgent actions

SweFOR can share information and react immediately in case of aggressions against human rights defenders, accompanied organisations, international observers and others that we work with through our action networks, blog, website and other forums.

Who can be accompanied?

SweFOR accompanies peace and/or human rights organizations in the Colombian civil society that through their work promote nonviolence.

Contact us


Coordinator: Agnes Berge: [email protected]

The team in Bogotá: [email protected]

The team in Chocó: [email protected]

Address: Carrera 28 No. 39-06, oficina 204

Barrio La Soledad

Bogotá D.C.

Tel: (57-1) 32205383


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