All over the world there are people with a passion for peace – people who want to declare that peace is possible without violence and oppression and that it is possible to make a difference. That you and I can be the voice of the change we hope for, even in the most difficult conflicts. In SweFOR, we know it’s hard. Yet we refuse to give up. Our aim is to bring people together in the hope of a new society – a world of peace and justice, where military might is disarmed and where conflicts are prevented by peaceful means.

One of our contributions is being a presence in areas of conflict. We support local peace actors in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Western Sahara, Egypt, Sudan and South Sudan in their work to, through non-violent methods, strengthen human rights and build peace. Every year observers travel to countries of conflict to participate in the work for peace, democracy and human rights. They become part of a global network and are trained to report human rights abuses and to protect the people who are actively working for peace and justice. Through our presence in very difficult conflict situations and through educating local peace organizations, we provide important support for the population and for civil society’s ability to continue the long-term work for peace.

SweFOR also wants to be effective in advocacy. We analyse security and defence policy in Sweden and are pushing for world leaders to sign up to forceful disarmament agreements and to prevent violent conflict. Together with our partners we raise awareness and campaign against the trade in and production of weapons. Training in non-violence, conflict and religious dialogue are regularly organised.

Another important task is to motivate the churches and other religious faiths to conduct active work for peace and renounce violence in all its forms. Dialogue, respect and cooperation within and between religions are indispensable in the work for a more peaceful world.

SweFOR is a non-profit organization founded in Sweden in 1919. Today we are one of the largest peace movements in the country, with active members of all ages. Our head office is located in Stockholm and we also have employees in Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia.


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Our head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Phone number: +46 (0)8 453 68 40



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